revisions Revision


revisions リヴィジョンズ


This is a prophecy, it will be a hard crisis someday for you five people, you can protect everyone at that time Daisuke Dojima, a second-grader of a high school who has been kidnapped when he was young, , Marimari, with Keio, a mysterious phenomenon – caught up in “Shibuya drift”. The center of Shibuya was jumped over 300 years ago “Future”. Waiting there was a vast wilderness and forest, scattered ruins … and the future man “Revisions” and the monsters of the huge machines they control. Two girls, Miro who is the same name as the benefactor of Daisuke of the kidnapping case appeared to help Shibuya who is being overrun by the monster without knowing the reason. She provides a puppet weapon “String Puppet” that only Daisuke can steer, urge Shibuya to defend. The benefactor of the kidnapping case – Daisuke who lived believing in the prophecy “fate to protect the group” by Miro rejoice in the crisis that he finally came and the power he got. However, the bonds of five childhood friend familiarized themselves due to the kidnapping incident. Isolated city. Unknown enemy. Predictions of uncertain past and destiny. Boys and girls fight “the future” to regain “now (now)”. Be sure to return to the original era