Boogie Pop does not laugh




I am automatic. The name is an eerie foam (boogie pop). A popular title “Boogie Pop does not laugh” series that gave great support as a masterpiece that has had a great influence on the label _ electrostatic bunko which boasts No. 1 share in entertainment novel, and still can not be faded yet, published from the publication 20 Decided to make a long-awaited TV animation in the year that becomes a milestone of the year! The TV anime is handled by Shinzo Natsume who supervised animation users worldwide at TV anime “Wanpanman” broadcasted in 2015 and recorded a huge hit. And one of the best animation studios / madhouses in Japan that made the overwhelming quality realized at Suzuki Tomoji who served as the series composition and the script of the same work gathered, and the crisis comes close to the world, Draw beautifully action fantasy that is unfolded mainly in boogie pop!