Saint Seiya Seintia Sho


聖闘士星矢 セインティア翔


The hero / Shoko is a junior high school student going to the metropolitan school undergraduate division. My older sister, Kyoko, who was a good friend, stayed absent from abroad after she studied abroad five years ago. Someday, someone who might be acquitted suddenly attacks Shoko. What attacked was the evil spirit Ellis’ evil spirits (Doriado), which the goddess Athena once contained. So Shoko learned the existence of Athena, Saint Seiya, Saintsia, and at the same time he knows the cruel fate of himself and his older sister. The evil spirits who become active in advance of the resurrection of the evil spirit Ellis whose soul was sealed. On the back side where Seiya and others are deadly fighting in the galaxy war and the zodiac, Saori and the Holy Warrior borrow the power of the Golden Saintly Warrior and fight a spectacular fight with the evil spirit! And there are signs of evil Saga revival …. Shoko who just began training to become a holy battle woman holding all the keys! The girls who fight against destiny while being beaten by harsh fate. Girls The stories of a fierce battle with the gods rise!