Rainy color cocoa side G


雨色ココアside G


A peaceful day. A tone that breaks the tranquility and a single girl kicking the door of the cafe “Rainy Color” echoes. Her name is Tenami Yoko. The daughter of Koji Tenami who is the owner of this cafe. “The promise is guarded! This fucking jazz!” The way you scream so is the form of Koji Tenami, the former culprit of the disturbance. Yoko not only flees the trip with them but also strengthens the degree of anger more and more towards Koji who is going to travel on Hawaii. However, Yoko will settle to the appearance of Rain which is the mascot dog of “Rainy Color” that appeared there. Actually, in Yoko, the dog was not good at large. And in a hurry and escape, suitcase Koji packed luggage …. Gashan! Yoko who hooked his legs on his suitcase turned to a grand scale, and the vase of Koji who was near was a tree end. And Yoko was supposed to be the agent of “Rainy Color” during the summer vacation as a punishment for pulverizing the pot. Along with the struggle of Yoko, a heart-full story starts to draw a relief that depicts what can be done for the person.