Meiji Eastern Love




A strange world will invite you – Strawberry Moonlight this evening On a red full moon night, school girls Ayatsuki Seiki is invited by a magical magician, Charlie Magic, into the box. When I woke up, it was “East God” of the Meiji Era! It was Mori Ogai and Hishida Haruki who helped puzzling germinating. I was given a ride on a carriage as I was told, and the place where I arrived is Kannonkan. Meeting the historical figures such as Izumi Kaga, Kawakami Danjiro, Koizumi Yakumo, Fujita Goro at a gorgeous ball party where high officials gather. In this world, from the sunset to the dawn “Odorous Night (Ottoro)”, “Things of the Things” appear. Those who can see that figure are called “soul reason (tomori)”, and the shoots also had this power. Love that we come into contact with them and grow up in an unfamiliar life. The power of “soul kutsu” binds sprouts and them with stronger bonds. However, the opportunity to return to the present age is a full moon night after a month. Whether germ cloth chooses the present age, or … … a story of love that crosses time will flower in a little magical Meishi no Higashigane