Kakegurui xx




Prestigious girls from good houses gather, Private Hundred Kao Gakuen. It was the absolute ruler, the Student Council, who dominated the life of the weak and dominated the life of the weak, even influential in the political and financial world, reigning at the top of this school controlled by gambling. However, student council president Momokichi Ruri suddenly declared the student council dissolution _ general election. Election rule is one person vote. All students have the opportunity to aim for the top of the school. Election campaign by Kiraru’s speculation seeking chaos and pleasure. Moreover, a new threat comes by multiplying that machine. Bamboo clan – those who are connected to Kirari Ri and Yumeko. Suzui Ryota, Saotome Shugi Ari and Emperor Ishiki, who have deepened their friendship with Snake Yumako, are forced to fight their own beliefs in this structured general election. Will it become “bait” at the school of the weak junior high school meal, or eat other and become “long” of the ecosystem? “Ultimate Election Battle Royale” where the choice of choke shakes her mind starts now!