Dimension High School




In the year 2019 AD, mankind faces a danger of extinction. This is the story of heroes fighting with life on classroom after school! It is a husband who is …. Junpei Hakusan who goes to the high school picks up the stone which is the schoolyard. When Megegaoka meteor, Takeshi Yukikawada, Yuri Okami, teacher and Mr. Mosho Momoya underwent supplementary training, the stone picked up started arbitrarily … … started talking! “You guys are the brave of the prophecy! I want you to get rid of the devil of destruction” – Five people can not keep up with remarkable remarks of a mysterious stone who calls Sporadic 22. Suddenly the suddenly the sudden spoofed out of numbness! Waking up, it was the world of animation – !? Furthermore, suddenly it was forced to solve a mystery by Sphinx which appeared suddenly … …. Can five people really return to the 3 dimensional world !?