Space Battleship Tiramisu II




In times when human beings expanded their living areas and desires to the universe, people wanting freedom to live in the universe lived, their wisdom fostered civilization and transformed itself into a threatening threat to the planet altogether. In 2005, when the Earth Federal Government received the fourth contact (4th note) from grandmother star Grandmers, the conflict with [the people of Metus] was full – blown, a battle not finished, an increasing sacrifice .. ….. In order to break such a situation, one young man got off to the battlefield with a dash, his name was Subaru Ichinose. Space Battleship 【Tiramisu】 Eyebrows of the Tiramisu _ Achievement Excellent young genius Ace pilot Hope of all human beings was committed to him – but his true figure is a young man who always retires in the cockpit of the exclusive machine Durandal, not familiar with the collective life inside the tiramisu. …