BAKUMATSU-I love Edo boyfriend Gaiden-


BAKUMATSU ~恋愛幕末カレシ 外伝~


The end of the Tokugawa period. A time when griefs of the future of the book are burning spirits who pursue according to their own beliefs. Shosaku Takasugi, Founder Chizu Takasugi, was trying to get into a shogunate naval vessel led by Keikyu Tokugawa with Aibo’s Katsura Kogori. The aim is to have the power to manipulate the legend, the legendary treasure, “Time dragon ceremony”. Takasugi heard that the other shogunate is trying to take advantage of that power is ours, Takasugi tries to destroy Tokinagi with “Do not do it like that!” Takasugi and others who picked Tokatsugi once, but deprived by someone, the capital where Kyoto is heading for pursuit is pursued. However, what I saw there was “Ogrey Susanoo” reigning with a strange figure. Takasugi people who are completely confused about the situation of the people, the streets that are completely different from the aspects they know. That was “Another Bakumatsu”, which was dominated by the masked generals _ Unlimited Susa. What I really want to protect, even if it goes beyond the margin, will not change. The story that draws the full power “Ikazuma” by men with a hearty mind opens the curtain now!