What I like is my sister but not my sister




In high school student Aiming for a light novel writer, Yusuke Yusuke, there is a sister called Suzuka. Ruka is a honorable student, but my brother was strictly somewhere cold. One day, at the Ranoba Grand Prix, the fact of the shock is revealed to the September 10 th anniversary of the fall. It is said that Suzuka wrote “Brother Sister Ichaicha Love Come” won the Ranoba Grand Prix! Moreover, at the request of Suzuka that Ranobe and Moe are actually completely unknown, Yu is a substitute writer / eternal eleven I acted as a writer but despite being unwilling to make a writer debut, I will struggle as my eternal eloquence for my sister while being massaged by the individuals of the individual industry. And, Onii-chan’s love atmosphere was not showing any dust, but Suzuka … ….?