Sword art _ online aliasing


ソードアート・オンライン アリシゼーション


Where is … … where where? …? If you notice, Kirito was full-dumped into a virtual world of magnificent fantasy taste for some reason. Stay memorizing just before logging in, and wander around seeking clues. And when he arrives at the giant black trees “Gigas Cidder” he meets a boy. “My name is Euroso, thank you, Kirito.” Despite the resident of the virtual world – “NPC”, the boy had the same “richness of emotion” as human beings. Kirito seeking logout from this world while deepening friendship with Euros. A certain memory rises in his mind. It is a memorial in which early childhood Kirito and Euros run around Noyama – memories that should not exist. In addition, there was the figure of Euros and another girl with golden hair in that remembrance. Name is Alice. An important name that should never be forgotten.