RErideD – Derrida of the intercession –




2050 years. Direida _ Yven (hero), a technologist who gained fame young at the young age due to development contribution to “Autonomous machine DZ (Dizy)” at the rebuild company which my father had developed. Derrida, one day noticing the serious flaw of “DZ” with his colleague Nathan, he got angry with his boss who did not listen to his advice, postponed measures while knowing it was dangerous, and Nathan’s daughter _ mage’s birthday Toward a party to celebrate. However, the day after spending a calm time, Derrida and Nathan are attacked by a mysterious unit. After the escape, when Derrida who fell to the frozen sleeping device again opened his eyes, the 10-year time passed, the world that looked over was devastated and in a state of war! Drida remembers Nathan ‘s last word at that time when she was hit by a flock of “DZ” who lost control and was about to give up everything. Derrida walks out to search for the margin, while being puzzled by the fate that I asked for “the margin”. Reunion, beyond the “moment”