In 2013, the Swiss nuclear research organization CERN “- a secret project was launched in the shadow of Higgs’ particle discovery.The name of the project is” the Naiantic plan. “Its purpose is unknown interfering with human spirit The substance which will be called “exotic matter (XM)” has been sensitive to the spirit and ability of people since ancient times and even has a great influence on the history of mankind Secretly, institutions around the world worked on the research secretly.XM is regarded as a human being’s hope or threat, and competition by major powers and gigantic enterprises will rise.With accepting the power of XM, “Enrightened” trying to use it for evolution “Resistance” which regards XM as a threat and is trying to control, the world has broken up into two camps and continues to fight now.I got up in this world Behind the struggle that existed, XM existed, and a new battle over XM will start curtaining on stage in Tokyo and the world in 2018. Animation, online position information game, Then, the reality links, a new “augmented reality entertainment” which has never experienced begins.