Golden Kamui Season 2




Late Meiji period. A hero of the Russo-Japanese War with a synonym for “Splendor of Splendid Sugi,” Satoshi Sugimoto was in Hokkaido to get a lot of money for a purpose. There is a chance of getting rich quickly, a huge reserve gold stolen from the Ainu there. Reserve money is concealed by a man imprisoned in the Abashiri prison, and a tattoo engraved on the body of 24 prison escaped prisoners is a clue to show its presence. As such, a girl of a single Ainu rescued Sugimoto who received a brown bear attack. That girl named Asi (Ri) Pa, whose father was killed by a man who robbed the reserve fund. Furthermore, in order to respond to the movements of Sugihime, the movements of the strongest troops of the north – the seventh division and the prisoners who carry the tattoos on the back, which had been aiming for a reserve fund for some time, have also become apparent. Well, the ways of getaway survival that caught on the majestic north earth settled … ….?