Certain Magical III




A huge “academic city” located in the western part of Tokyo. In this city where the total population is 2.3 million, with about 80% of the students occupied, a special curriculum for the development of the ESP has been implemented and the students’ ability is changed from “incapacity (level 0)” to ” (Level 5) “had been evaluated in six stages. A certain high school student, Kamijo Tomami (Kamisho and Touma) is also one of the students living in the school city. He has the power to lodge in his right hand – If you are the power of an exercise, you will receive the evaluation of “incompetence” on the verge of failure, because of the “fantasy killing (imagine breaker)” that evenly celebrates the protection of God, living a life full of unhappiness It was. The student life of such Kamijo changes greatly depending on the pure white sister that has come down from the sky at the beginning of summer vacation. She is said to have escaped from the world of “magic” – Kamijo which begins to encounter “index of prohibition (index)” and is involved in various incidents. As we solve the incident on both “science” side, which controls school city and “magic” side linked to index, we gradually expand our circle of people. And finally the magic side, the Roman orthodox of the cross-centered maximum denomination, will turn to the existence of Kamijo … …. As responding to the magical side, the science school which is science side also starts to move. However, there were those who stood up to resist the movement of the world which began to show confrontation suddenly. “Heroes” who changed their fate greatly because of involvement with Kamijo. They also confront themselves with the world. As Kamijo Tema did so. When science and magic three times cross, the story starts to move greatly!