Tell me a magical pendulum ~ riluriru fairiru ~




Hey, do you know Fairyl? Fairyl is a small fairy with feathers. Flower fair lil rice and twinkle pool ally spica, bug insect fairy, mermaid fairy, mushroom fairy … lots of Fairyles live in Little Fair Lil. There are plenty of fun things everyday, such as flower tea ceremony, night party, sparkling shooting star etc. Since long ago “magical pendulum” has become the entrance to Little Fair Lil, Fairil watches everyone’s secretly I heard that they are giving away. About school, friends, love affair, future dream … The troubles you can not solve by themselves can be changed somewhere if you come to Little Fair Lil. If everyone is suffering from something, try using “magical pendulum” to call out Lippu and Spica! Of course the magical spell is “Rilururu Fairiru”! Five flowers of “Rippu” “Rin” “Sumire” “Sunflower” “Rose” who gathered many fans with “Riliru fair lil ~ Fairy door ~”, “Riliru fair lil ~ Magic mirror ~” In addition to Fairyl, “Spica” of Twinklehr allyl who gained popularity in books released from poplar company, “Riluriru Fairiru Twinkle Spica and Maeko’s Flying Star”, “Rilrir Fairlil Twinkle Spica and Magical Dress” As a main character, I also renewed the stage of the human world from this work, a girl with a trouble with a junior high school first grader “Hanazono Is there” appeared! The cuteness of the view of the world like the fantasy picture book until the previous season is further enhanced!フ Fairylites support and solve the troubles that natural girls have in common! Encouraged by nature if you see it!