Girl ☆ opera review stare light


少女☆歌劇 レヴュースタァライト


Sta – It is the light that sparkles at the center of the stage, “position zero”. In the singing voice that trembling the heart, it is a dancing movement of the で, fascinating those who watch in the performance shaking the soul, blooming in the stage. “Stage girls” who were fascinated by Sta gather in the theater’s “School Xiang Music School” to play on the stage of dreams. Ai Castle Hua Love. Mayu Tenji. Hoshimi Junna. Mahiru Tsuzaki. Ohba Nana. Saijo Claudine. Ishikari Futaba. Kanako Hanayagi. And – Kagura Hikari. A mysterious email that suddenly arrived at nine stage girls. “Have you – that star you wanted” It is an invitation to the audition, put on the position of “Top Stars”. The same colleagues on the same stage became rivals competing for stars. The passion of burnout, but the arrogance of love can not give up, but the attachment crashes on the stage – relation, emotion, main character and villain leader are reproduced each time the curtain rises. “Revue” wearing killer of nine stage girls. “Someday, even if it is going to fight that girl” – the stage led by fate, now opens the curtain.