Old gun vs Contemporary gun, battle of despair – the entire era devastated by the nuclear war, the subsequent era. Under absolute rule by the World Empire, people lived in a world where everything was controlled and deprived of freedom. However, while being forbidden to have any military force, there was a resistance to keep secretly fighting to defeat the dictatorship of the world emperor. They challenge the fight with the “old gun” that was left as a work of art. And the incarnation of the old gun that appeared as if it responded to that soul, “Precious gunmen”. Their noble and brilliant fighting “their absolute noble” brings a one-of-a-kind hope to the world -! The days of young nobler masters shining lively with life. A story of beautiful young people fighting pursuing their own “absolute noble” while laughing, crying, joyful, lost, sometimes damaged. For what we should fight and what should we protect. Be Noble!