I will lend you a trainee.




Edo has a brother called Kurenai and Kiyomori who runs a lodgist shop / Izumoya at Naka-machi in Edo, litter shops lend some items from daily necessities to antiques and art items to some customers The things that this Izumoi dealers handles are different from those of other shops and one taste and rice dish is only a hundred years or more passed since the creation, a type of goby named Tsukemon Where it is becoming something like. When rented out as a guest, “Tsukumumonami” who listens to various stories and develops rumors. People who are well-versed in red and Kiyomori will solve the big and small riots occurring in this town with the help of such “Tsumemonuma”. The tragic woes of “Tsukumumumi” flowers in the town of Edo and the human beings, everyone’s feelings of human beings, be satisfied with the bone’s mind and so on.