Certain zombie girls’ disaster




Midnight Kikka flower university where students paid out in summer vacation. Five men and women of the occult study group who did not go home came into the data store of rumors with the rumors that Tokugawa buried money is contained, called the first time quest quest. However, there were no reserve funds and there were two mummies of extremely preserved women. Shakuya Kamoshida who burned his companion and infiltrated the repository secretly robbed the mysterious jewel “stone of life” that was in the body of the mummy. Those who can not find the reserve funds and leave guards leave the repository, but the fact that the stone of life is robbed triggers and the two mummies will revive from the death. The revived girl = Former baroness young man erected as a mummy from an unexpected incident while becoming immortal by magic, and Homunculus’ Alma _ V made as her maid of a girlfriend and her maid of women, took the deprived jewels I am seeking and attacking the members of the occult study group. Will members really survive? And what is the reason for robbing the stone of life? A bloody scourge hits the late night student dorm … …