Star �� Twinkle Pretty Cure




I, “Hikaru Sena”! The universe and constellations I – Isuki a junior high school sophomore. When I draw a constellation in a notebook while observing the starry sky, suddenly Tsu the mystery of biological “the loose feel” has been warped! Then it fell rocket from the sky, came to the “Lara” and “Purunsu” of aliens! … you guys, alien real!? Was far far away from Kira Ya if Tsu ~ �� Earth “starry world (starry sky Kai” sanctuary “Star Palace” in “12 constellation of star princess who is located in the heart of “it sure seems to have kept the balance of the entire universe … there when being attacked by someone, Princess we” did ended up scattered in 12 Princess star color pen universe is “of! star ‘s in this state disappears Te, the earth nor the universe, would be swallowed by the darkness …! “when Shi the stars shine is lost, regain the Genru warrior Pretty Cure is again shine together with Twinkle book” Lara who is a legendary ancient in the universe rely on Datte I princess was looking for “warrior Pretty Cure of legend” along with hope, discord was last produced in. knots Raider envisaged the domination of the universe to it is aiming discord Been nearing had … “I want to help discord!” Moment when I thought so strong, emerged from the “Twinkle book” and “Star color pendant” “Makeover star color pen”, I, had transformed into Pretty Cure!? collect Princess star color pen that was scattered into space, starting to be brought up a loose feel to be the key of the Star Princess resurrection! Tsu All right, jump out of the earth into space Da’ ��