Sorcerous Orphen stray journey




“Do not look, ask …” along with the “She always I defend!” Azari and fellow called in adores “Tenma of the witch” as the sister-in-law, Kiriranshero to the training in magic mechanic training institutions “Fang of the tower” -. One day, he saw. The Azari to be transformed into a figure of the variant. Then, in order to save her was disappearance deprives the single sword of changing the destiny, Kiriranshero changed the Orphen and the name comes into absconding traveled the “Tower of Fang”. Then five years …, finally Orphen play a reunion with Azari -. On the other hand, is a former teacher, black sorcerers child Man and former fellow is asked continent strongest, Hatia, Komikuron who was heading to Azari subdue for changing the appearance -. Among a variety of speculation intersect, your tricks lady Kuriou, is Orphen in the journey of the disciples of the boy Majiku or together what to think.