Saint Seiya Seintia Sho




Hero and Shoko junior high school students to attend meteor Gakuen’naka equal parts. The sister, Kyoko was a good friend, remained not know whereabouts from studying abroad five years ago. One day, someone that might the true character suddenly hit the Shoko. Had been struck, was once the goddess Athena is evil god Ellis containment minions, evil spirits (Dryades Golf & Spa) us. So Shoko is to know the presence of Athena and the Saint, St. � woman (Seintia), will know the cruel fate at the same time itself and sister. Evil spirits that activation eve of the revival of the gods Ellis that has been sealed the soul. In the back of Seiya we are engaged in a desperate struggle in the galaxy war and signs of the zodiac, Saori and St. � woman, the help of the Golden Saint, evil spirits both wage a fierce battle! And, also signs of Saga revival of evil …. The hold all the key is, just as much as possible, including the training in St. � woman Shoko over! While overwhelmed the harshrsh fate, girls fight Aragai to fate. Story of the fierce battle with the girls gods raise the curtain!