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“This’ll prophecy. To you guys five people, very crisis that the visit someday. At that time you to protect everyone,” high school sophomore, Daisuke Dojima with the young was kidnapped around the past, childhood friend of Guy, roux , Marimari, with Kei work, caught up in mysterious phenomenon ���� “Shibuya drifting”. “Future” of the center has been jumped is more than 300 years earlier Shibuya. So wait had, the vast Muhen wilderness and forests, ruins scattered …… Then, it was a huge machine of the monster that they manipulate the future people “Rivi Johns”. Showed up and tried to help the Shibuya will be trampled in the monster remains, not knowing why, melon two girls Mir_ with the same name and Daisuke benefactor of kidnapping. She provides a doll weapons “string Puppet” only Daisuke we can maneuver, promote and protect the Shibuya. Benefactor of kidnapping ���� Daisuke who have lived believe in prophecy, “destined to protect a fellow” by Miro, to delight in the force which takes into crisis and hand visited last. However, childhood friend five ties had become apart under the influence of the kidnapping. Isolated town. Unknown enemy. Undetermined prophecy of the past and destiny. Boys and girls, the fight against the “future” in order to regain the “current (now).” Always, return to the original era ����