Rainy Cocoa side G


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It shall be deemed to be replaced idyllic day. Breaking the silence, one of the girl echoes the sound of Keyaburu the door of the cafe “Rainy Color”. Her name is, Amami Yoko. The owner of the cafe, Amami Koji daughter. What it is to cry “promise much Defend! This Kusooyaji Tsu!” So earlier, was the Amami Koji figure is the ringleader of the riot. Not only did Suppokashi a trip with their own, to Koji yourself you are going to Hawaii travel, Yoko to strengthen more and more the degree of anger. But, the rain of the figure is the mascot dog appeared in there “Rainy Color”, locks up Yoko. In fact, Yoko, it was a poor dog is large. And in hastily fled earlier, the suitcase was stuffed with luggage Koji …. Gashan! Yoko was hooked a foot in the suitcase is grandly fell, pot of Koji, which was near the to break into small fragments. And Yoko, during the summer holidays as a punishment of the pot crushed, it did become possible to the proxy manager of the “Rainy Color” …. With Yoko our struggle, draw what you can do for people, heart full story will begin to wear hot breath.