Painful would like to very pretend to defense force so disgusting.




The popular VRMMO “NewWorld Online” Ru ultra-large newcomer current!? Disable any attack, monsters nor thorough devastation player with a lethal poison skills! The identity of the player, which is also referred to as a “walk fortress” as “final boss” from abnormal fight the first time, was just a girl beginners! A matter of fact this maple is, just been recommended to friends of Sally to start the game. Poor game knowledge, would be very pretend the status point to VIT (defense force), first, but was a settlement at the mercy even to Zakopane monster …. Pain Tsu …… do not want!? Dotsuki wound even damage zero to monsters, and even more would get up to counter the skill of luck well blow killer! Trait also be joined fellow who is also the lid habit, maple go more and more growth. No damage large adventure kick off!