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The “monster exorcism”, from to live the original “Komoyo (Kakuriyo)” is a work that deliver a monster who remain in “this world (Utsushiyo)” in some circumstances to “Komoyo”. One day, take Haunted high school students, Ashiya Hanae (Hanae Ashiya) is the specter, by chance, to rely on the apparent contacts, carry out the specter exorcism visit the “Mononoke hermitage (Mononoke draft)”. Was a sullen main Abe Hare�V (Juri spring Abeno) was not there. Wakea’ and, as it is Ashiya is …… to work as servants (part-time job) of Mononoke hermitage. Ashiya and kick off the story of Abe specter exorcism combination and the specter us.