Ken cancer Ashura




! Home collapse, 56-year-old bad Lehman can not work, Kazuo Yamashita (Yamashita Kazuo) was suddenly called from the company chairman of bearish uncle Kazuo Yamashita, know the “back” of the Japanese economy – companies is huge the presence of the betting profits, hired arena’s fisticuffs determine the business in the fighting game. … The name is the mission was ordered to “fist Application Shiai (Kenganjiai)” !!!! and Kazuo – their arena’s, youth-Juoni Jao horses, such as those embodied the violence caretaker of (Tokitaouma)! !! really, the fate of bad Lehman Yamashita, Kazuo … !! ?? violence × companies × human drama. The men “why” fight, or grab the “what” in the fist? Fighting entertainment of the “ultimate” is now, Hajimaru’ !!!!