Inner sphere?! Do not know the ball of out ~? ~


うちタマ?! ~うちのタマ知りませんか?~


In 1983 was the debut “Tama & Friends – I do not know the ball or ~ of out” in the once stationery and miscellaneous goods is that you have to eye, everyone of your neighborhood cat that was a yellow ear there is a butyrate in the forehead “Tama” There appeared in the rainy day anthropomorphic! New ground of healing animation Tama and personality rich friends weave! These things I cute? ! A poster which is in the 3-chome of phrase town had been affixed to the frequently. Cat of the picture and “Do you know out of balls?” In the key tail of it is written in there character. Fluffy ears and key tail to the boy looking at the a poster is …! ? 3-chome of cat or dog who has run around in the figure of the people! ? Why do not you look into the Tama and Friends of Nyan and wonderful every day?