Fight League gear gadget generator’s


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Fight League … It is, battle of the vertices that all fighters aim. Now, this moment also of each “brand” (Hobbyhorse Street, Gear Gadget Generators, athlete Creatures, Justice Professionals, TOYS of the DEAD) in, hot qualifying battle bet Fight League berth has been waged. Such circumstances, one of the brand “Gear Gadget Generators” (hereinafter, GGG) in, fighters are making full use of proud of gadgets, engaged in mortal combat in a qualifying “GGG cup”. The key to victory is collaboration with colleagues (chain), and it is strategy. One led by the hero Adjust wrench-wielding lightly the huge gadget “vortex” is also, I dream of Fight League team. Encounter with one of the mysterious girl in’ve jumped into the midst of battle, a wrench, a vortex, and will change the fate of GGG!