In the far-off star than Earth, the kingdom was full of smiles. The Yuki princess twelve-year-old, soon impressionable your age. Crying every day, laugh, or sometimes Tokimei …? While, they are living happily in the Royal Palace. The trappings of the day-to-day, the faithful servants. Izana to assist in the education officer Leila, political, Grand Master Harold and …… childhood friend of the aide, Joshua,. “If we have the courage! Fighting spirit and guts, Anything you can do it!” “…… Tsu anymore. Also it ~ !? Joshua, began to Rashiku more noble!” Stella seventeen-year-old, talented and cool military personnel. But in order to smile live always Tayasa not …… smile, because indispensable. I was born in the distant star, the story of two girls.