Do not take out a hand to the video Research!




High school freshman green Asakusa, the animation like animation of the more stressed as “setting is life”. While pooled to draw a variety of ideas to sketch book, I had not Fumidase one step to the can not and animation production behavior by one person. In such Asakusa of talent, Sayaka Kanamori of producer temperament was aware quickly. In addition, Mizusaki swallows of charisma reader model classmates is, in fact, found to be animator wannabe, … “monthly to three people to establish a video lab in order to express the” strongest in the world, “which is in the brain! the spirits “(Shogakukan) debut of hard fighting KiyoshiHitomi in the popular series by, !! character design is Asano that many of the award-winning coming was Masaaki Yuasa Director and Studio” Science SARU “has dabbled at home and abroad Naoyuki, music is joined by Oorutaichi building up in the “strongest in the world” with “the strongest of staff”. !!!! the adventure tale of blitz three daughters that all the world’s attention begins