Dimension High School




AD 2019, the human race is in danger of destruction. This is the story of heroes who fight for their lives in the after-school classroom! It Has a …. Hakusan attend dimension high school Junpei is, pick up the stone is a schoolyard. Midorigaoka meteor, Tsuyoshi Kikawada, water Yuriorato, and teachers and Soji Momodani has received remedial performed by, picked up the stone was started talking freely start moving …! “! You guys what’s the hero of prophecy I want you to get rid of the Genie of destruction” – Supudio 22 II and not keep up with 5 people in too surreal speak of the mystery of the stone claiming. Supudio was impatient suddenly flash! I woke up there was a world of anime – !? In addition, … that by suddenly appeared Sphinx, is forced to solve the mystery. Really, what five people can return to the world of three-dimensional!?