Chibaku boy Hanako-kun




U know what? Rumors of the most famous Seven Wonders transmitted to the Seven Wonders of the story …… gull school in this school. The third old school building third floor women’s toilet There are Hanako, Datte do to us anything come true calling people of the wish. How to call is simple, three times a knock. Then – to get to grant “? Hanako, Hanako, Welcome you do,” “hard Ai ……” their wish, Nene Yahiro of occult girl that called Hanako. However, she appeared for before the boy’s ghost, was “Hanako-kun”. Nene, which is swayed by the ghost of Nonido S Dechotto naughty Hanako-kun will get involved in a variety of ghost story. Really Nene is safely whether live a school life!? Who heartful toilet comedy never seen even now, begin –