Bet Kegurui �~�~




Prestigious good family of children gather, private hundred Kao school. To reign dominant vertices of this school in gambling, it dominated the life of the weak, the absolute ruler with even influence in political and business, was a student council. However, peach ���Y Ra�� of the student council president suddenly, declare the dissolution general election of the student council. One person, one vote election of the rules. All students are given a chance to reach the top of the school. Election campaign by speculation of fine clothes �� seeking chaos and pleasure. In addition, multiplied by the machine, a new threat is visiting. Hyaku�� clan – kira �� and those who connected to the Yumeko is. Jabami Yumeko and Suzui has deepened the friendship Ryota, Saotome bud Asato, the four of Emperor Itsuki, in this orchestrated the general election, it is forced to fight multiplied by their own beliefs. Whether a “bait” in the law of the jungle of school, or other Cry of the ecosystem is “long”. The last minute of the selected shake the mind “ultimate election battle royal” starts now!