Aru Kagaku no Railgun T




Count the 2.3 million total population, a huge city that spread to western Tokyo. About 80 percent of its population from that occupied by the students, in the city that has been called a “university town”, the force causes the screw bending paranormal the law of the world – the development of ESP has been carried out. Received a special curriculum, students who have obtained the ability, by regular “physical examination system scan”, has been voted “incapacity level 0” to the six stages of the “ultra-capacity level 5”. Standing in the vertex, that is touted as the strongest, is the “psychic” our seven. One of them, Misaka Mikoto. Manipulate the electricity freely in the ability’s “blitz Tsukai electro master” the most significant, she has the nickname of “super electromagnetic gun rail gun”, 14-year-old junior high school girl of attending a prestigious young lady school, Tokiwadai middle school. Shirai Kuroko of “public morals committee judgment” in junior. And early spring Kazariri yearn to young lady at his colleagues, urban legends Favorite her friends, TasukuTenruiko. Such with colleagues, a mediocre peace, to little unusual university town specific day-to-day life, was imminent once the big event in the year. “Daiha Hoshimatsuri”. It is held over a period of seven days, a huge sports festival of ability who unfolds a fierce battle in the school unit. During the period it is open to some general of the university town, before a lively event that the situation is relayed towards the whole world, everyone was so uplifting. It wriggles to those in the glamorous on behind the scenes, without any notice at all -.