When the girl summer wake up, around the sea. She was thrown into the sea raging suddenly, they arrive to the island storm and 蟬丸, along with the peony. The island spread some savage jungle, and plants were huge, attacked one after another in the feral animals and insects, is thrown to the side-by-side of survival life and death. Meanwhile, we are told the story of the plan to not believe than the person claiming it’s guide. It is, in order to avoid human extinction, to save freezing the young and healthy man, was the story of a grand plan to Leave the seeds of humanity in the world after the disaster has gone “7SEEDS plan”. Kanojora were to and if he man chosen to the plan to know for the first time appalled. “7SEEDS Plan” chosen young people in the world that was completely changed, Yuku also hard to live while being exposed to the harsh environment.